Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good for Trump. . . And the California Real Estate Market?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump has added substance to his statements regarding his policy for immigration, both legal and illegal. You can read his policy statement here on his campaign website:

This is serious stuff! Good for Trump!

I wonder what will happen to the real estate market if these measures are implemented, especially in California. If he is as serious about curbing the Asian exploitation of American as he now appears to be about the illegals flooding in from Mexico, that too will stimulate the economy for Americans, especially professional and middle class Whites.

Now that the Republican Party is falling into line, we need to gain control over the Democratic Party and render it pro-American. Just as the jews tried to use the success of the subverted Democratic Party to swing the Republicans towards communism, we should use Trump's success to swing the Democratic Party towards Americanism.

If abortions are dramatically reduced, our numbers will grow. We need incentives to increase the birth rate of Americans. What about free homes confiscated from illegals and those who house them? What about subsidized or free housing for families that become and stay married and produce children? There will be some prime land opening up if we rid ourselves of the invaders and get them out of our schools, neighborhoods and hospitals. The traffic in our cities will be less congested and safer. The prisons will be less crowded.

Why wouldn't right minded Democrats favor a better life for themselves and their fellow Americans? War has always brought the parties together. We are being invaded. War is being waged on us. Is there no Democrat who will fight back for America against invaders and exploitative nations like Red China?

We will progress far faster if we can carry Trump's momentum over to the Democratic Party, and if he follows through, it will make it easier for him to succeed, as well.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Barack Obama Is a Cuckberal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The rich are getting richer than ever before under Cuckberal [Cuckold Liberal] Barack Obama, the phoney liberal who gave the nation's wealth to jew bankers and foreigners, while gutting Black America, the middle class and the poor. Why have the jew wise simply handed over the Democratic Party over to the jews, while focusing on the Republican Party? Why do we speak of Cuckservatives, but not Cuckberals like Obama, who betrayed the base of the Democratic Party by sabotaging women, the middle class, Blacks and Hispanics for the interests of his jewish banker backers and the communists?

We Are Missing a Golden Opportunity in the Democratic Presidential Race to Field a New Huey Long

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many believe that the Republican Party is the best hope for a jew wise candidate to run for President. But consider the fact that any Republican has to overcome the hurdle the of the Israel worshiping Christian Zionists. Republicans also worship Wall Street.

A populist Democrat, in the mold of Huey Long, could openly ridicule Israel, Wall Street and the jew bankers. Blacks, Hispanics and women have no love for jews, Israel or Wall Street. The jew is more readily exposed to Democrats, than Republicans.

Think of how an honest populist could expose the jews on every front to eager Democrats, including women, Blacks and Hispanics. Wall Street sold us out to China and Japan. Blacks and women are underpaid and jobless thanks to Wall Street and massive immigration, legal and illegal, and the jew was behind it all and pushed it on us from many fronts.

Democrats will be an even more responsive audience to our message, than Republicans. And the Democratic field of Presidential candidates is exceptionally weak at this time. We have a golden opportunity. The issues are ours and appeal to Democrats more than anyone else. Why let the jew communist Bernie Sanders claim them for the jews?

All of the excuses White Nationalists are making for Donald Trump's traitorous Israel first policies and tight bonds with jews apply to some extent to the Republican Party, but far less so to the Democratic Party. A jew wise Democrat could point out that Trump is a corrupt billionaire speaking for the jews, who happens to be saying the right things about immigration and our foreign competitors and enemies, who are stealing our jobs and destroying our economy and culture.

Why let the Democratic Party stab its base in the back by supporting immigrants and foreign nations which are hurting the poor? Why not expose the fact that social programs can only continue if we remove the leeching immigrants and build our economy? Why not expose the fact that Obama is a Cuckberal who stabbed blacks in the back and gave our money to his jewish banker backers, let in immigrants to steal our jobs and lower our wages, and filled the upper echelons of government with rich jews? Most of all, why stake our fortune to the Republican Party which has destroyed our nation with the likes of Ronald Reagan?

Will anyone seize the opportunity for greatness and run as a Democrat? Democrats will be far more receptive to becoming jew aware than Republicans. The jews hurt them even harder and in more demonstrable ways.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

David Duke Should Run for President as a Southern Democratic

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest David Duke run for President as a conservative Southern Democrat. In that way, he cannot be accused of muddying the waters for Trump, and can say the things Trump never will, the things which most need to be said.

Duke can then wake the sleeping and mesmerized Democrats who know something is wrong, but mistakenly believe nothing can be done about it. The Democratic Party is swinging further left with each stroke of the clock into open communism, deliberate degeneracy and the outright genocide of the White Race. Duke could do a service to the country by running and showing that the parties need NOT speak with a united anti-White, anti-American, anti-European, pro-Israel and pro-Communist voice. Maybe Duke could try going where the competition is at its weakest and the opposition is the strongest. Many Democrats must know the party is headed in the wrong direction and is destroying America. Who speaks for them?

Why Is the Field of Democrat Presidential Candidates So Weak?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is amazing and telling that Hillary Clinton is the only big name among that candidates the Democratic Party has fielded thus far. It is astonishing that Bernie Sanders is gathering so much support. Why is it that most celebrities are exceptionally liberal, but most of the celebrity candidates run as conservative Republicans? Is there no strong Democrat who would be king? Is bumbling Biden the best new option they have? Surely not!

Is the Democratic Party devoid of conservatives? Have they all crossed over? Why is it such a stretch that someone who identified as a Democrat twenty or thirty years ago would today declare themselves a Republican, when today only Republicans dare identify themselves as conservative, and even then at their own peril, what with the conservative media dominated by Trotskyite jews? Could it be that anyone who really cares about America simply refuses to run as a Democrat, knowing that if they speak the truth they will receive no support from the anti-White, anti-American party and its anti-White base?

If someone like David Duke were to enter the race, they might consider running as a conservative Southern Democrat in the old tradition. That would garner more attention than a Republican run, and inject a much needed pro-American and pro-White voice into the arena of the Democrats' field of candidates. Then there would be less preaching to the choir, and more outreach to unrepresented voters.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Smear Meant to Steer

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish controlled Republican Party and media smeared Trump with the rumor that he is running and will eventually run third party, so that Hillary will be elected in the general election. Now, they are demanding that Trump relinquish his right to run as an independent, so as to clear himself of their allegation.

The jews are trying to trap Trump. It would be a mistake for him to allow them to manipulate him into giving up one of his options to become President and surrender Americans rights to their own freedom of choice in the general election.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cuckservitude and American Issues

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

While Donald Trump is discussing the issues in terms of what it means to be American, and in terms of what is in the best interests of Americans and America, the Cuckservatives are trying to define what it means to be a Republican in anti-American terms. While Trump is trumpeting our sovereign rights, free speech and the right to bear arms, the Cuckservatives are kowtowing to Latinos and favoring the Chinese and Mexicans over Americans.

I wish that Trump would return the focus of his campaign to pro-American issues. If he wants to talk about political correctness may he also mention his First Amendment rights to speak the truth. When discussing his right to run as an independent candidate in the general election, may he also state it is his right as an American to do so, and it is the right of the American People to choose whom they will to be President based on the issues, not media spin, or party subversion. Trump could well state that if the parties offer the American People no choice to save America, he will.

Trump is rising based on his nationalism. He should consider framing his arguments in those terms, while he adjusts his make America great hat. Americans' lives matter, and it is the job of the President of the United States of America to represent us, not Mexicans or Chinese, or Israelis.

An interesting talk on the problems of the Mexican invasion appears here:

Trump has the facts on his side and is on the Right side of the issues. He should not fall into cuckservitude and continually define himself in response to personal attacks, but instead should lead with an offensive on the issues that have made him popular and a breath of fresh air.

Should the moderators of the next debate play the same childish and manipulative games as Fox News, Trump could demand they ask a proper question in the interest of the dignity of the country and the rights of the voters, or he will leave the stage on behalf of the country and the American People.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Trump Confounds the Jews' Plans for "No Labels" Totalitarianism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Not so many years ago, the jews tried to bamboozle the American electorate with a thinly disguised attempt at totalitarianism which they dubbed "No Labels". It was a cultural marxist prescription for Lenin's democratic centralism in America, whereby the jews would decide for the parties what path the country would take and no dissent would be tolerated from either party, Democrat or Republican. I blogged about the danger this prospect posed for Americans on December 21, 2010, in an article entitled The Indescribable Evil of Jewish Totalitarianism Calling Itself "No Labels".

The jews are now trying to discredit Trump and concurrently enforce their totalitarian grip on American politics by claiming that Trump is setting up to become a spoiler candidate to elect Hillary Clinton by running third party and stripping away votes from the Republican nominee. But this is not what the jews fear. Instead, they fear that Trump is breaking their totalitarian grip on politics and their democratic centralist policies which had been championed by both parties until Trump's entrance into field of candidates.

"No Labels" failed, but the jews used their control of the media to turn the media into the enforcer of their Leninist democratic centralism. Fox News and CNN are one voice on Trump, and immigration, and Israel and Iran, and on and on. Fox News tried to insist that Trump pose no danger to the system of two parties one platform, by relinquishing his right to run as an independent in the general election should he be mistreated by the Republican Party.

The jews certainly do not fear a Clinton victory. But they absolutely want absolute control over government policy. The "No Labels" strategy lives on in the jewish controlled media, and the power behind the Republican and Democrat parties, the big jew donors.

Trump has broken the "No Label" rule of the totalitarian jews. His political overtures must be matched by independent media for the system to evolve to the point where the jews cannot dictate the same policy to all parties and all candidates, to the American People. What Trump mocks as political correctness is more correctly called totalitarianism. He is obviously being attacked by the totalitarians in politics and media who want to destroy America and silence any voice speaking out against their domination of the public arena.

The Republican totalitarians are not after Trump because they sincerely believe Trump is out to elect Clinton. They want him silenced because Trump is offering the American People a choice outside of their totalitarian and grossly destructive agenda, which mirrors Clinton and the Democrats, by the design of the jewish central committee. The jews do not want the American People to have choices or to be informed about the reality of the totalitarian state of politics and media in America today.

The clearest example of democratic centralism in media is the fact that the entire media conspired to turn Kelly's attacks on Trump into the farce of Trump supposedly making an unprovoked attack on Kelly. The media speaks with one voice. We live in a totalitarian country.

The Media Are Trying to Train Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a national disgrace that the media are exploiting the First Amendment to destroy our political process and deny the leading Republican candidate his First Amendment rights. The media are trying to train Trump to remain silent, or change his message. That failing, they discriminate against him and exclude him from the public discourse.

The media are torturing Trump when he says something they don't want said, while rewarding him every time he speaks on Israel's behalf over the best interests of Americans. The media want to exclude Trump's voice from the public arena. They want to form the news rather than report on it. They want to choose the candidates, rather than informing the public of the candidates' political views so the public can make an informed choice in the election.

It is truly shameful that we Americans tolerate this jewish media which not only tries to train and brainwash Trump to stop speaking out for Americans' best interests, but in doing so, and in countless other ways, is training and brainwashing Americans to abandon our own best interests in favor of those who would destroy us. Trump should defend Americans' rights to hear his positions and host his own events to blast the media every time he is excluded from the public discourse, while unapologeticly stating his political stances. His ratings will beat theirs, and new media will arise to profit from the exposure by covering it.

Friday, August 07, 2015

A Few Helicopter Gunships Can Accomplish Overnight What Americans Want Done

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The American government has oft times shown its fondness for publicizing our military adventures on television. Imagine, if you will, that a serious President, a genuine Commander-in-Chief called upon the military to defend our border with Mexico.

Now picture what would happen if a few helicopter gunship fired strafing shots from their miniguns at invaders coming across the border. No warning shots, no games, but a real military defense of the sovereign border of the United States of America.

The President next holds a press conference and releases footage of the air defense of our border and how effective it was. The President informs the Mexican government that if it fails to stop the invasion, the President will request a declaration of war on Mexico for invading the USA.

Word would travel very quickly through Mexico and down through Central America, that the cake walk into the US is over, the gravy train has tipped, and the US will defend its border. The Mexican government would immediately try to curb the invasion, or face a military assault on the central government. Russia and China would get the message that the USA is back in business and will defend its interests in Latin America.

This would cost us very little money. In fact, it would save us trillions of dollars and secure our future as a nation. All we have to do is prove that we are serious and we will be taken seriously. Next, we can begin to deport all illegals to Mexico and let them sort it out. If they object, we can cut off trade with Mexico.

All it takes is serious leadership to defend our nation. It is not only cheaper than subversion, it will become profitable for us.

So why build an expensive wall on the border, when a few helicopter gunships and an iron will can solve the problem overnight?

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Fox News Assault on Donald Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I just watched Fox News make a mockery of our political process by being grossly unfair to the leading Republican candidate for the Presidency, and by placing greater emphasis on Israel's self interests than those of Americans. Fox preempted the so-called debate, which was instead a series of questions by Fox promoting its jewish agenda, with an attack on Trump meant to alienate and isolate him. Fox asked Trump to raise his hand to indicate that he was the only candidate of the ten who would not relinquish his right to run as an independent candidate in the general election. Dirty deed indeed, Fox News. What had this to do with the debate?

Fox continued to attack Trump throughout the debate, in an obvious attempt to portray him as if a Democrat saboteur sent to elect Hillary Clinton. The only time they asked Trump about policy was to do so for the benefit of Israel, knowing he would respond as the jews would want with regard to Iran. I seem to remember some Fox anchor in days past asking Trump if it would not be better for him to skip debates.

Kasich benefited from the Ohio crowd and there was a clear conflict of interest in that he and Huckabee both have worked for Fox News. Goldman Sachs man Cruz was allowed to coast. Walker seemed a bit strange and phony.

Trump was witty, but not dominating on the issues. He did not seem to have a deep interest in or profound understanding of foreign affairs. Instead, he appeared to rely on his life experience to respond in general ways to specific situations without a full grasp of the forces involved. He is kind of faking it which is his appeal to the public. He gives them the simple rhetoric they crave, but his failure to understand the intricacies of the situations and the governing motivations behind the appearance of things prevents him from prescribing the proper remedies. He comes across as more of a political dilettante than a great leader. But he is a good salesman and if he were informed of good ideas, he would be exceptionally good at winning the support of the American People. Therein lies the danger, given that he is surrounded by jewish advisers and always has been. He sees the World through jew colored glasses.

The jews used Obama's initial appeal to ram through a banker give away. They will play Trump, even if the man is sincere. It did not appear that Trump had been tipped off as to any of the questions he was asked. If he had done any rehearsing, he must of mistakenly thought he was going to be asked proper questions.

The Israel first attitude of Fox News is disgusting, but is one thing Trump was sure not going to challenge them on. The body language of the Fox anchors is so strong, that if it is not taught to them, it might as well have been.

It seems the current tactic in the media is to portray Trump as a Democrat, and make it appear that real Republicans reject him and his views. I doubt it will stick.

If Trump really wants to be President, he should concern himself less with celebrities, gossip and personalities, and more with the reality of the international jews' relentless attacks on America. There is something telling about the way Trump avoids addressing Putin's anti-Americanism, but jumps on any opportunity to slam Iran. That makes me distrust him, though we need some hope if only illusory.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Is Donald Trump Hopelessly Naive?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In an article for CNN entitled, “Donald Trump: Crimea is Europe's problem”, Tom LoBianco quotes Donald Trump as stating:

"Let me explain first of all — this is Europe's problem much more than ours, OK? [***] And Europe isn't complaining as much as we are. But this is more of a Europe problem. And when Europe comes to us and says, 'We want your help, we want your help,' but they're not really doing that. They're dealing with Russia, they're taking in the gas, they're taking in the oil — they're not really doing that. And you know, we're making a big deal out of it. But why isn't Germany leading this one? You know Germany is a very rich, very powerful nation. Why aren't they dealing on it moreso? Everything the United States — we're like the policeman of the world."

If Trump doesn't know the answers to his own questions, he is not qualified to be President of the nation which leads NATO. Germany is not leading the defense against Russian aggression because Germany is led by Angela Merkel, who is an old communist cohort of KGB Putin. In addition, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is in bed with Gazprom and has been spouting off Russian propaganda to the German People. The German People are terrified of another war with Russia. A large portion of Germany is composed of the former communist regime of East Germany and is sympathetic to communism. Germans pay far more for oil, gas and natural gas than we do and are not eager to pay more. The younger generation of Germans have been propagandized against the USA, are selfish and do not care about other Europeans.

In spite of Germany's failings, Russia's aggression remains our problem and the Ukraine's problem. We are obliged to defend Ukraine, because we guaranteed their defense in exchange for the disarmament of their nuclear defenses. Putin has a massive anti-American propaganda apparatus which has been relentlessly attacking America and attempting to demoralize and balkanize Americans. Russia is openly talking about taking over all of Europe and enslaving the White Race, as they have done since the 1917 bolshevik revolution. Russia is threatening us with nuclear attack. Russia is sicking North Korea on us, attempting to undermine our currency and partnering with Red China, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc. to destroy Western Civilization and the White Race. That is not merely a European problem, it is also very much an American problem.

Trump is a jew puppet and wants to mimic Putin, so the jew oligarchs can rob us, then sink America into the communist international destruction of humankind. Trump talks about building our defenses with one side of his mouth, then erodes our anti-communist alliances with the other, while turning a blind eye to Putin's aggression. Does Trump want America to lead or follow when our own vital interests are at stake?

Israel wants Russia to take over Greece, Turkey and all of the Middle East, so the jews can bury those people under the iron curtain, genocide the Palestinians, cut Europe off from energy, and kill off Western Civilization, which destroyed the jewish temple. Trump is following a jewish script and he is surrounded by jews. With each new policy utterance Trump makes, this truth comes out.

We need a pro-American Presidential candidate. Trump's gibberish is easy to refute. It would be easy to pole vault over his popularity.

Creating Incentives for Self Deportation of Illegals

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump's revolving door immigration policy is an obvious scam to waste our resources, while making his friends billions of dollars at the taxpayer's expense. Trump is creating incentives for illegals to stay and incentives for businesses to hire Mexicans at slave labor wages, and so put Americans out of work. He will do nothing to unburden our schools or protect us from the demographic nightmare of the Latino migration into America.

Instead of stating that he will deport then allow back in Latinos, Trump should state that the only hope a Latino would ever have for coming to America following deportation is to self deport then apply for legal immigration. Any illegal caught and deported will have no chance at reentry into the USA. Instead of building a wall, the military should patrol our borders and gun down invaders. Mexico should pay a fine for every illegal deported, and a tenfold fine for any illegal who attempts to reenter or succeeds in reentering the USA. Create an incentive for Mexico to secure the border.

Allow illegals to leave on their own with some cash and perhaps a personal car. Strip deported illegals of all property and assets. Heavily fine and or jail any persons employing illegals.

These are but a few of the ways to curtail illegal immigration. Trump is only encouraging it. Trump wants to LOWER the standards for legal immigration, when they ought to be raised. He wants to build a legal basis for modern slavery of foreign workers, which in the past has destroyed many great White nations through the demographic destruction of the indigenous White populations.

We ought to raise the bar for legal immigration in ways that will essentially guarantee that Asians, Africans and Latinos cannot invade our nation and take us over.

The only amnesty that should be afforded illegals is the amnesty to leave our country and take something with them beyond the clothes on their backs. As far as rounding them up, with can offer rewards for those who turn them in to receive any assets recovered from the illegals deported. The IRS does it, why not the INS?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trump Has Money, Why Doesn't He Spend Some of It?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump should commission a series of studies on the likely and predictable effects of deporting 30 million illegal aliens. How much lighter would traffic be in major cities? How would our hospitals and schools improve? How would the average IQ improve? How would the crime rate diminish? What about the prisons, drug use, gang activity, etc. etc. etc.

Spend some money Trump. Do some work. Run ads showing America and our great cities before the invasion, contrasting those images to the slums of today, the gang freaks, the cluttered prisons and schools, the filthy hospitals, the horrible traffic and overcrowding of rental property, etc. etc. etc. Then show what America can become without this weight around our necks. Spend the money, Trump, and make a lasting difference for our country no matter what else happens, or doesn't happen. We made you great in wealth. Spend some of it for US!

You talk about the selling out of America to China, Japan, Mexico, etc. add South Korea to the list, and run ads featuring the traitors who did it in business and politics. Show the crummy Clintons, the rotten Gore, Reagan and Bushies, expose them. Then show a greater America. All it takes is a little money. You will get it back if you truly grow America.

Prove that you are serious and defend your position with facts. That will win you voters in the general elections, that trading us off to the illegals cannot.

Expand and create a base in America that honors our nation. Change their minds, don't change your positions. Create appeal for wisdom, rather than appealing to foolishness.

Is Trump Really Opposed to Lobbyists, Or Is He an Israel First Traitor?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump loves jews and he loves Israel. In fact, Trump loves Israel so much that he is surprised that Israel has not lobbied Senator Schumer to opposed the Iran deal. Jamie Weinstein, in an article entitled Michael Savage To Trump: 'You're The Winston Churchill Of Our Time' published in The Daily Caller, quotes Trump and states:

"Actually I'm surprised that Israel isn't putting tremendous pressure on Schumer because they do have a lot of power over Schumer," Trump said, implying a sitting U.S. senator's vote could be swayed by the pressure of a foreign power.

Instead of being incensed that a foreign power could pressure a US Senator, Trump wishes Israel would! So much for his lies that he finds lobbying and political disloyalty to the US shameful. He loves it when it favors our enemy Israel, Israel which sells our military secrets to Red China.

Those who know Trump best are hinting that he is going to flip his stance on immigration should he win the primary and enter the general election. In his big heart, Trump certainly appears to be more concerned about the best interests of the invaders, rather than the best interests of Americans:

How can Trump possibly make America greater than ever before, when he clearly puts the interests of our enemies above our own? It appears he wants to fox his way into the hen house so he can rob us of our country, the way Putin is destroying Russia and stealing its wealth for his own benefit and that of the jewish oligarchs. May Trump prove me wrong about him, I would welcome that.

Jews, jews, everywhere around Trump jews, and not a moment for America to lose. We need a real candidate, real soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maybe too Rich to Be Bought, But Is Anyone too Rich to Be Corrupt, or Traitorous?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump's boasts and glittering generalities bear logical scrutiny. I won't begrudge him his right to try win an election, and I hope he does win IF he is going to expel the illegals, improve legal immigration standards while bettering the process, and make good on his pledges to run a foreign policy that betters our standing against China, Mexico, Japan, etc.

But Trump's claim that he is too rich to be bought is a bit too much to stomach as he creates a cult of personality around himself. Is Putin too rich to be bought, and if so, is he too rich to be corrupt, or has he simply eliminated the middle men of lobbyists and used the government to directly line his and his jewish friends' pockets with the wealth of Russia and its colonies?

Trump talks about how he has bought politicians of both parties. What is that other than corrupting our political system as a good businessman must do, in his view? Likewise, Trump admits that he has traded in Chinese wares, because as a good businessman that was the smart thing to do.

But what will the smart thing to do as a businessman be should Trump seize the reins of government? He will no longer need the middlemen of lobbyists. No more will he depend on campaign contributions to corrupt the government to serve his ends, and those of his many jewish friends. He will be the government, l'etat cest moi! It would simply be absurd to claim that a well connected billionaire could have no conflict of interests as the head of government, and that is the relevant issue, but no media nor candidates raise it, and we must wonder why Trump is given such a pass on issues such as this one. . . .

The Improbable Similarities Between the 2004 Illinois Senate Race and the 2016 Presidential Race Continue

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the 2004 Illinois Senate race, which resulted in the unlikely general election win of banker puppet and Goldman Sachs guy Barack Obama, both of the front runners in the primaries were brought down by public revelations from their prior divorce proceedings. Jack Ryan, Republican, and Blair Hull, Democrat, both lost as a result of divorce records made public. Both had some kind of link to Goldman Sachs and both were quite wealthy.

Trump is now being attacked for old allegations, which his former wife has since retracted:

Only time will tell if anything measurable is to come of this. On another more important front, I am not the only one to notice that Trump is contradicting himself with his rhetoric on legal immigration and illegal immigration. See:

Trump may be weaker on illegals than many of the other Republicans. Trump should clarify his position. They are going to nail him down at the debates or crucify him for his arrogant dance around the issue of what he intends to do about the problem of the invaders already within our borders.

Monday, July 27, 2015

What Is Trump Planning to DO About and With the ILLEGAL ALIENS Who Have Already Invaded America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If Trump continues to dance around the issue, I hope he is forced to state a position regarding what he plans to do about and with the illegal aliens who have already invaded America. Trump has no business running for President of the United States of America if he will NOT state clearly and unequivocally his plans for the illegals. He should do so before the debates. He should do so now.

Trump has made a priority of building a fence at the border. What is he going to do with those invaders who are already here? Will he sacrifice our best interests in favor of theirs? Is he going to be a President for Americans, or illegal aliens?

An Open Letter to Armenian Friends Regarding the Israeli USSR Axis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I thought Amrenians should see this. In the Russian USSR victory day parade of 2015, the Azeris marched *in front of* the Armenians, with the soviet CCCP (USSR) badge in the background:

The Azeris are a special forces unit. They are carrying the Israeli service rifle, the Tavor. Turkish special forces also use the Israeli Tavor. These images clearly prove what I have been saying for years. Israel wants to reestablish the USSR and surround itself with communist regimes.

Best regards,


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Distressing Parallels Between the 2016 Presidential Race and the 2004 Illinois Senate Race

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wish I had more time at my disposal to fully reveal the similarities between the current Presidential race and the 2004 Illinois Senate race which placed the nobody from nowhere, communist Barack Obama in the Senate. They are many and they are highly improbable.

Ted Cruz' wife has affiliations to Goldman Sachs, as did many of the candidates of both parties in the primaries for the 2004 IL Senate race. These candidates led the race until destroyed by the same type of scandal, which resulted in the farcical election race between Obama and Keyes, a good friend of Bill Kristol. Also present in the primaries were anti-illegal immigration multimillionaire Jim Oberweis and an East Indian candidate among the crowded field of Republicans, mirroring Trump and Jindal in the current republican Presidential primaries.

On the Democrats' side, we have Clinton mired in scandal like Blair Hull (sold his company to Goldman Sachs and brought down in the same fashion as Republican frontrunner Jack Ryan, who was also tied to Goldman Sachs). Like commie Obama, we today have jew commie Sanders receiving glowing praise from the jewish controlled media. We face very bad times ahead if we do not field a candidate, and soon.

It Appears that Trump Will NOT Defuse the Demographic Time Bomb

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump's call for a "merit system" to legitimize the Mexican invasion of the USA and create an "Apprentice"-like bureaucracy to grant amnesty to the invaders is a ploy to undermine our national sovereignty and defeat us demographically in the name of saving us from the invasion. Trump has prioritized building a wall at the border, and refuses to state with any certainty what he will do with the invaders in our midst.

A wall will do nothing to diffuse the demographic time bomb already present within our borders. Trump is not calling for US citizens to increase our birthrate, nor for illegals to diminish theirs. He wants to preserve the status quo which will inevitably lead to our demise.

A wall can be easily defeated with a change of political will. The Mexicans need only go around it, and the government need only tear down a short section of it to allow in as many Mexicans as will come. While it reflects an attitude in the short term, it does not impart fear into the invaders, but rather reflects the fear and cowardice of Americans too afraid to actively fight back against the invasion.

The Mexicans need not invade us with force, because we do not physically oppose them nor shoot them down when they enter upon our territory. A wall, even if it fully accomplished the stated goal of constructing it, only seals in the fifth column the invaders have in our nation. Their numbers are too large and their destructive effects too great for us to survive their presence and maintain our national sovereignty and standard of living. Trump is talking about making the vast majority of them citizens with voting rights, and burdening us with a giant and destructively expensive bureaucracy to expel a small few, who will later be permitted back as the Mexicans and their jewish allies seize control of our political process.

Why is Trump doing this, especially so when he has been successful opposing amnesty?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Merit System" for Illegal Aliens? What Is Trump Talking About?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump is making vague declarations indicating that he does not regard the sovereignty of the nation and the force of our laws as absolute. He evidently wants to rule by whim, not law, not the Constitution. That level of arrogance is dangerous.

Trump has stated that he will kick out the "bad" illegals, but make allowances for the "outstanding" illegals. How would he handle these arbitrary decisions, other than by overburdening the courts or creating a giant bureaucracy with due process for 30 million invaders to cater to their lies? How is he going to validate their claims of being "outstanding" and does he propose we process 30 million such sob stories? His proposal is asinine! It would bankrupt us and make a mockery of our law and national sovereignty. Illegals must be deported upon detection with a minimum of expense and an emphasis on speed. And the governments involved in the invasion should bear the expense and expedite the process, plus pay a penalty.

This is very disappointing news from a man who presents himself as if a straight shooter who holds our nation's best interests at heart. He will not make America great by subverting the rule of law, the principles of logic or the logistics of reality. Fantasizing about kindness and extraordinary process to illegal aliens in the face of an invasion numbering at least 30 million souls is a recipe for certain failure. Whose side is Trump on, theirs or ours? Is he simply out to profit from building a fence and creating a massive bureaucracy to legitimize the crime of invading our nation? Surely, Trump has better business sense than to believe such a monstrosity can succeed. It is already too much of a burden to process legal immigrants. It appears Trump wants to give the illegals a pass, in the form of a citizenship passport.

Don't Take the Bait, Trump!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At first, the media covered everything Donald Trump did and said, hoping that he would trip up, or at least say or do something the media could misconstrue in a negative way. Now, that having failed, the media are deliberately ignoring Trump. They are doing so in part to bait Trump into doing or saying something unforgivable and so damaging that it will destroy his campaign and public image.

The media know that Trump depends upon coverage to increase his lead in the primary. They also know that the Republican Party is trying to sabotage Trump's campaign.

The Republican Party should have seized upon the Border Patrol Union's having interfered with the local and Trump's plans in Laredo to expose the illegal alien problem, to savage the Democratic Party and Obama, but instead they are attacking their own leading candidate; and not only not supporting him, but joining in the chorus of the Democrats to savage Trump. The Republican Party leadership is effectively disenfranchising their own membership and sabotaging their own party in favor of the Democrats and the Democrats' communist agenda.

The media are praying that Trump feel increasingly compelled to do and say increasingly provocative things and stray from his core message, which causes so much consternation to the communists. They are trying to force Trump to step in it merely to remain relevant and in the public eye. He must not tread upon their trap.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trump Should Challenge Jeb Bush to a Debate, MANO A MANO

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest Donald Trump challenge Jeb Bush to a debate, one on one. Scott Walker has entered the race riding on Trump's thunder. Trump would benefit by giving us something to look forward to, something he can hype like a championship fight.

I suggest he challenge Bush and frame it as an opportunity for democracy to function as it should with a free exchange of ideas. Let the voters have the chance to choose the candidate who best represents them. Let Bush stand up to, or back down from, the fight.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump Is Wisely Putting Faces on the Damage Done by Illegal Immigrants

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix was brilliant. He had the press, which has been viciously unfair to him, groveling before him on their knees for another chance to take a swipe at him. And he had a Black man discuss how a Mexican invader murdered his son in cold blood.

It is very important to put a face on the victims of the Mexican invasion. The man's presentation was perfect. He asked that others consider what it would be like to be in his situation. There is no better way to generate sympathy and understanding for our common plight.

Perhaps Trump could also spotlight Blacks and Black contractors who have lost jobs to illegals. There is also the sorry state of our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and prisons brought about by illegals. Has anyone contracted HIV/AIDS or other disease from an illegal? In California, the gangs designate beaches and neighborhoods as off limits to non-Mexicans, which showcases the loss of territory to these invaders who wish us harm.

Blacks are thus far the hardest hit by the Mexican invasion, and I am certain Trump knows this and knows how to win them over to his cause. The speed with which Trump has taken first place in the race is incredible, this with the media and both parties solidly against him. It vindicates my message over the past decade that a Presidential candidate who speaks the truth and celebrates America will be well received by the American People.

I hope that Trump continues to demonstrate real human examples of the harm the Mexicans are doing to our country so that the voter can sympathize and feel a need to take action to protect his own best interests. If we fail to force the invaders back to Mexico and the other nations which have breached our shores, and if we continue to give America away to Asians and others, we are destined for third world status in a very short time.

Trump has already proven that telling the truth and tackling the entire media can succeed. He did it singlehandedly, with style and finesse, and in record time. He has tapped into nature's most powerful force, the will to survive. No other candidate can compete with that.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The FAA Has Violated Donald Trump's First Amendment Rights to Free Speech

The news is reporting that the FAA has taken punitive action against Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his having voiced opinions favorable to the best interests of Americans. The US Constitution bars the government from punishing free speech.

The government has sought to shame Trump during a political campaign and deprive him of the public benefits he had been receiving prior to his announcement to run for President, in expressed retaliation for Trump's public expression of views the government seeks to suppress. The FAA is also illegally discriminating against Trump for his support of the sovereignty of the United States and the integrity of the White Race. The FAA further breaches the unfettered rights of the American People to representative government; in that Trump is a political candidate and the government has punished him during a campaign without due process and in an arbitrary and discriminatory fashion. The FAA has further violated Trump's rights to due process having afforded him no opportunity to defend his rights.

The businesses which are discriminating against Trump and punishing him for his support of the sovereignty of the USA and the demographic interests of the White Race, are likewise in violation of the First Amendment and Federal statutes which bar discrimination.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bedros Hajian Interviewed by Mark Dankof on RBN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My friend Bedros Hajian was interviewed by Mark Dankof on RBN on 7 June 2015. I called into the show but did not have an opportunity to speak, so I will post my comments here on my blog. I mention first that Rev. Dankof conducted a superb interview with me on the subject of the Armenian Genocide many years back and immediately grasped the full significance of the jewish genocidal stigmatization of the Armenians as if Amalekites.

This night however I am in strong disagreement with some of his views. Mark Dankof attempted to make the case that KGB Putin is combating the NWO and Marxism by combating atrocities in Eastern Ukraine and with BRICS. Let's begin with the Ukraine.

The worst atrocity ever committed in the Ukraine was the Holodomor, during which Stalin (Putin's hero) and Kaganovich systematically and deliberately mass murdered the Ukrainian intelligentsia and starved 11 million Ukrainians to death. This is the legacy which Putin has reinvigorated with his Soviet invasion and faked revolution in the Ukraine. Putin has invaded the Ukraine, the Ukraine did not invade Russia. Putin is complaining of imagined threats to Russian territory from the West while encouraging the very real Communist Chinese invasion of Russia and the theft of its wealth.

Putin sponsored the revolution in the Ukraine, just as the Soviets faked revolutions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia to provide pretexts for invasion. It is Putin who is threatening the West with nuclear war and who is aggressively flying military aircraft in a threatening and provocative attack on the West, not the reverse. Putin and his stooges in the Ukraine are the communists/Marxists in the region, not the Ukrainians. All of this runs counter to Rev. Dankof's false assertions that Putin is fighting against communism. Putin's attacks on gays are a continuation of many decades old KGB policies of the Soviet Union and are a Marxist strategy used to create a straw man and rally the people behind communism, and it serves to make it easy for the communist state to denounce any individuals it seeks to silence.

The cultural marxists use homosexuality as a weapon against the West to help the communist KGB, including Putin, to defeat us and turn us over to the communists in Russia and China, whom Dankof glorifies. The cultural marxists determined that a communist revolution such as ultimately led to Putin's Soviet regime, could not take place in the West because we are not the "White Negroes" Trotsky and Stalin created in Russia. But they are the same communists as is Putin and is communist China, as is BRICS, which Dankof hails as if a salvation for the World.

Brazil is headed by the communist Rousseff. Russia is headed by the communist KGB Putin. China is a communist super power, India is a socialist nightmare of a nation, and South Africa was taken over by Black communists including the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela. The communists' work is already done in BRICS and Dankof would side with them against us. Communism is the NWO at its worst. Cultural marxism is the communist subversion of the more sophisticated and superior West that seeks to lower us to the level of the BRICS nations, and the Soviet Union which created Putin pushed the cultural marxist agenda on us relentlessly and still does. Dankof is playing into their hands by accepting an artificial distinction between the cultural marxist subversion of the West and the KGB subversion of Russia and Ukraine presently headed by KGB Putin. It is all part of the international communist agenda to enslave us to the jews.

The Russian Orthodox Church has as much been subverted by the communist KGB as the evangelical churches have been subverted by the zionists. Both serve the jews to destroy the Middle East. Russia provides the weapons used as does the USA under communist and zionist jewish subversion. To have a fight, there must be opposing sides and the USSR and USA provided those sides with weapons not in opposition to the jews, but rather in their service. Putin in no way opposes Israel but rather serves Israel by opposing on occasion the jewish subversion of the USA. The jews ultimately want to turn Iran and the rest of the Islamic World into Soviet Republics where jewry can do to the Muslims what it did to the Ukraine in the Holodomor. Jews are very welcoming of the spread of communism to the Muslim World that Putin promises. The communists hate the concept of human rights, as do the Israelis. The Israelis have a large Russian jew population. They are in bed together and there has been no worse manifestation of the NWO than the USSR which Putin is resurrecting with the help of and at the insistence of the jews. How is it that Dankof fails to see that Red China is the NWO made flesh? Dankof's demoralizing attacks on the West and specifically on America only serve the cultural marxist and the KGB marxist agenda to have us abandon our defenses, including NATO and whimper our way into the iron grasp of the communist Russians and communist Chinese.

Russia is helping the jews destroy Iran and would like nothing better than to see the USA attack Iran and drag itself down in the process, while raising the value of Russia oil and natural gas. Russia is loathe to see the USA and Iran arrive at a peaceful settlement, as is Israel.

If Putin were battling the jews, he would use his state media to expose communist atrocities including the Holodomor and the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, as well as the jewish control of Red China and Red China's aggressive invasion of Russian territory. Instead, Putin is aggressively attacking White Europe and scapegoating America for his communist crime. Putin is handing over Russia's sovereignty to Red China with a broad communist smile, while pretending that the West is a threat to Russia.

I hope Dankof does not wish for the day America is handed over to the communist Russians and Chinese so the jews can pound the final nail into the coffin of Western Civilization.

I would welcome the opportunity to publicly discuss these matters with Mark Dankof, who is without question extremely intelligent and well informed, as well as gracious and dignified. Perhaps Bedros could host us both on his show at some point.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ron and Rand Paul Attack Our Government, But Not the Jews Who Occupy It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As the crypto-communist libertarians and White Nationalists propagandize us to destroy NATO, so the communist Russians and communist Chinese can easily destroy the White Race militarily, the communist traitors Ron and Rand Paul are out to ruin our intelligence agencies.

Without US intel, and without NATO, the communists will have even freer rein to take over the World. In the name of liberty, the Pauls are helping the communists to enslave humanity. They never name the true enemy of our liberty, the jews, but instead they try and turn us against our government and scapegoat us for communist crimes.

Instead of exposing jewry for its war on us, they call upon us to destroy the US and invite unrestricted immigration to ruin us demographically. At the same time, the Pauls urge us to balkanize the USA, instead of defend it, thereby shrinking White lands and surrounding us with enemies on our own soil.

Please help spread the word, that the Paul political dynasty are communist traitors bent on our destruction.

Putin's Internet Trolls and the Crypto-Communist Libertarians and White Nationalists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Communists are notorious liars. In the Soviet Union, they rewrote history to lay claim to discoveries and stole credit for countless things they had not done. They told their people that in the West, explosive pens lay on the streets and would blow up innocent victims who might pick them up.

Putin is an outrageous liar. He stole Crimea from the Ukraine, while denying his troops were there. He has an army of internet trolls to spread his lies:

But the lies and demoralizing anti-White, anti-West propaganda does end with these paid trolls. Libertarians are crypto-communists. They, too, spread lies and try to demoralize the West. They shout that America is dead, Russia and China are great, and they blame everything bad that ever happens on us, regardless of the fact that Putin is obviously responsible for much they claim is the West's fault.

Just ask yourself why the libertarians and White Nationalists are so eager to condemn the West and praise the communists? It is obvious they are communists themselves.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

From Arab Spring to Islamic Winter

Many years before it took place, I predicted that the revolutions of the Arab Spring would occur. I also warned that they would be used as a pretext to flood Europe and America with refugees who would represent an anti-White demographic change in White countries.

The jews have been planning to convert all of Islam into a series of bolshevik republics for a very long time. This will enable the jews to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and construct a temple to the Devil in their place, without any fear of reprisals from Islam or Christendom. The jews have co-opted the Roman Catholic Church, Christen Zionists and the Russian Orthodox Church, all of which now only exist to destroy the White Race, war against Islam and serve the jews.

Soviet Russia has always been positioned to convert Islam to bolshevism in preparation of trapping Muslims in an iron communist cage so as to protect Israel. Soviet Russia pretended to be against the Zionists, while always serving their interests. The Soviets armed the Muslims to ingratiate themselves to them and pretend to be their guardians, while in fact merely providing them with arms with which to destroy themselves and provide a pretext for war with Israel and the West. The jews have always sought to overtake Islam with communism. The State would then have complete control over the Muslims and prevent them from ever opposing the jews, who will sit as commissars and absolute rulers over every Muslim.

In the 1970's and 1980's the Russian Soviets pretended to be against the Zionists while criminalizing antisemitism. At the same time, the Russian Soviets sent jews to Israel allowing only jews to escape the communist hell hole the jews created, and working deliberately for jewish interests.

Today, the Russian Soviets are controlling ISIS to bring about communist revolution in Islam and war. They will pretend to fight ISIS so as to enter these nations with military presence and to gain all the intelligence of the opposition. The Soviet jews will then have complete control over the process of bolshevising Islam and surrounding Israel with jew State control over all human activity.

The jews are also destroying the White Race in this endeavor to bolshevize Islam. They are flooding our countries with hostile anti-Whites, wrecking our economies with the thievery of communist China and providing the Chinese with our industrial and military secrets. They have begun to flood our nations with Asians and KGB propaganda and are threatening us with nuclear war from their communist States.

Many years before it happened, I predicted the Arab Spring. I also predicted that the jews would turn all of Asia and Africa into a communist hell. The Islamic Winter is upon us, and you do nothing but continue to worship your bolshevik enemies as if they were your saviors come to sacrifice you for the jewish cause.

Putin's propaganda apparatus is busy turning you against the West and the White Race. The communists are demoralizing you to make you hate your own nations of America, Canada, Australia and Europe. The KGB is turning you against NATO, which is the only military force defending us from the communist jews. When the communists come, they will slaughter every White. Is that the future you seek for you and your family? When Islam falls under the communist curtain, Europe will have no access to their oil and natural gas. That is the KGB's goal. Israel's goal is absolute domination of the Muslim individual and communism provides them that. Zionism and Communism are one jewish enterprise, and that is why die hard communists criticize zionists, not jews, and die hard zionists criticize communists, not jews, because they are all serving the jews.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Putin Wants to Bring the USA and Iran into War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin sponsors Iran and Syria just enough to maintain a constant state of war and revolution, but never enough for those nations to prosper and grow. Should Syria and Iran come to terms with the USA, it would be a disaster for Putin and his gang of jewish oligarchs, who have been bilking the Russians and others in the region for untold billions for decades. This is why Putin sends in his Chechen shock troops to lead and fight with ISIS and cause perpetual war between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Israel also supports and leads this attack on the World, because the jews have always sought to turn Islam into a communist block of soviet republics surrounding Greater Israel.

It will be very easy for Israel to wall itself in, as it turns all other nations into subhuman slaves through the communist process of mass murdering the best genetic stock and overbreeding the worst genetic stock of humanity. Putin is dumping funds on European political parties to cause turmoil and destroy NATO. These parties all aid communists to come to power, as has already happened in Greece. Putin sponsored both Golden Dawn and Syriza, and all went according to KGB plan. For another example, Putin has the communist traitor Marine Le Pen in his pocket spreading his KGB propaganda in France. The communists have taken over a NATO nation in Greece. France and Turkey may well be next with Putin's agitators Marine Le Pen and Dogu Perincek leading the way.

ISIS helps Putin bolster oil prices and prevent Syria and Iran from supplying oil and natural gas to Europe, as Putin threatens to cut off Russian supplies of same and undermines politics and media in these nations. Putin wages relentless vicious war on Europe, the USA and the White Race with his media machine that constantly lies about us, scapegoats us for his KGB's crimes, and demoralizes our nationalist movements with communist propaganda, brainwashing our people to adopt an anti-White communist agenda as if it would save us. Putin teaches our people to hate themselves and work against our best interests, while concurrently teaching us to worship our communist Russian, Chinese and North Korean jew controlled enemies as if they were superior to us and have the moral right to exterminate us.

The KGB has used the Russian Orthodox Church it co-opted to turn Russians against the West and Whites. The Church has always been Western until this communist subversion which intends to hand over Russia to the Chinese and bring the Russians into war with NATO, a much weakened and subverted NATO.

Communists in Russia, Israel and the USA are all sponsoring ISIS to bring about communist revolution throughout Islam and to perpetually pit Shia against Sunni, so as to weaken these nations in preparation for communist takeover.

This also weakens the USA and other White nations, as they become a dumping ground for refugees from the crises these jews deliberately manufacture, and as we consume ourselves fighting these wars the jews manufacture. The jews, primarily through the KGB and its army ISIS are trying to drive up oil prices and bring the USA, NATO, Syria and Iran into self consuming wars against each other. The communist in the Mulatto House is also working with the communists to destroy us. We have no media to counter the communist propaganda, and the libertarians and White Nationalists are headed by crypto communists who celebrate Putin and Red China and demean us, while pretending to stand for us.

Russia and the USA should stand together in defense of ourselves, the White Race and White Nations. We cannot do so with Putin and Obama in power. Where is our Presidential candidate for 2016?

Putin is heir to Trotsky, who shaped the neo-con policy of permanent war and revolution. Trotsky tried to turn the Russians into "White Negroes" so as to use them to fulfill Zionist aspirations. Trotsky stated,

"We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.

We mean the word 'red' literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars quake and pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution's funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence... At the moment, our young men in their leather jackets, who are the sons of watchmakers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, know how to hate everything Russian! What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian intelligentsia — officers, academics and writers!..."--as quoted in V. Anelauskas, Zionism and Russia

The staged conflict between the National Socialists of Germany and the Soviets brought the World Israel, an expansion of bolshevism into Europe, Communist China, etc. Putin is repeating this process by manufacturing another World War and sponsoring the same fake opposition in Europe with characters like Marine Le Pen, as happened with the Zionist NSDAP. The KGB has made Greece a communist nation. Will France be next?

Putin has begun formally reestablishing the Soviet Union, and is handing over Russia proper to the Red Chinese. His terrorist army of ISIS is sure to ripen Iran and Syria for communist takeover. What is to become of the White Race if we do not stop the communists at home and abroad?

The USA is today mislead by a White Negroe in the Mulatto House, and it has devastated us in a short time. I warned you that Obama would hurt us and fatten the bankers, back in 2008 before you elected him, directly or through your lack of effort. I told you he would issue a banker bailout before it happened. I explained how candidates with some connection to Goldman Sachs and or the neo-cons put Obama in the Senate and the White House in the same fashion. Let me now tell you we need a Presidential candidate for 2016. Things are going to get much worse fast if we do nothing to unseat the jews from power in Russia and the USA.

The Logical Errors of the Myth that "Diversity Is Our Strength"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews would have us believe that by welcoming in an invasion of Asians, Africans and Latinos, we are strengthening our society. History proves otherwise and the mythology contains numerous logical errors on its face.

If we presume that all human beings are essentially of the same genetic stock and that all races are equal, as the jews argue to us while segregating themselves from all others, then there would be absolutely no advantage to us in increasing the diversity of our White nations. Pursuant to the jews' myth that all races are equal, nothing can be added by mixing other races with our own, nothing superior can be achieved. Instead, if we lack numbers, then our society should encourage and enable a massive increase in our White birthrate. History proves that importing other races lowers our birthrate and therefore works against our best interests, and it stands to reason that if we deplete our resources by handing them over to competing races, we will lose.

The jews insist that we increase the diversity of our nations so as to import the talent and skills of other races. Instead we import spies and fifth columnists. If it is to our advantage to gain the knowledge and talents of other races, then we ought to send spies and emissaries into their countries instead of importing them and their diseases into ours. It is not necessary to import alien races in order to gain their knowledge and we only stand to lose by doing so.

If all races are equal, then we only stand to lose our phenotype and identity by mixing with others. If any race is superior, then we only invite in a foreign and superior enemy when we welcome it into our nations. If any race is inferior, we only denigrate ours by mixing with it. We would be better off in each and every instance to improve and expand our own stock rather than mixing with others who harbor us ill will as a matter of nature.

Since the myth that "diversity is our strength" contradicts nature, history and reason, it must and always does fail. The jews will never stop dumping other races into our countries until we stop them. What are you doing to stop them?

Diversity is deliberate White Genocide. If it is wrong to bring elephants, tigers, etc. into extinction, then why do you do nothing to stop the genocide of the White Race?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bedros Hajian Interviewed Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 16 May 2015

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bedros Hajian interviewed me on 16 May 2015. We discussed the jewish and communist enemies of Western Civilization and the White race, and their ongoing genocide of our people. Alexander Dugin, Dogu Perincek and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi feature prominently in our talk. The full interview is posted on Youtube here:

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bedros Hajian Interviewed Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 2 May 2015

My old friend Bedros Hajian interviewed me on 2 May 2015. We discussed the betrayal of Armenia to the communists, Armenia's loss of national sovereignty to Putin's Russia and the coming Chinese invasion of Armenia. The program can be seen in its entirety on youtube:

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Russia Is No Friend to Iran, Syria, Armenia or Europe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For decades, the Russian communists have subverted Iranian, Syrian and Armenian politics to cut them off from supplying Europe with the energy it needs, while Russian communists have subverted European politicians to make Europe dependent on Russian supplies of energy. This all a part of their long term communist strategy to weaken Europe and Islam, and make them subservient to jewry and communism. It is part of their plan to flood Europe and these nations with Chinese and Africans and destroy the White Race and eliminate its territories from White control.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are also working with the jews to destroy Europe, America, Iran, Syria and Armenia. Both jewish dominated nations supply the money, arms, training and manpower to destroy Muslim countries and make Russia the main supplier of energy to Europe. They have helped Russia hold Armenia and Iran back from supplying Europe with energy, in favor of Russian contracts and supply lines.

The Russians, Turks and Saudis have done much to maintain Russian, Saudi and Venezuelan domination of oil and natural gas supplies, while pretending to be the defenders of Islam from jewish aggression. It is no coincidence that South America and Africa are being taken over by these communists. Europe and America will be next, in short order and by design. . . unless we fight back against the communists. We need a presidential candidate for 2016, right now!

KGB Putin's Death Grip on European Energy Supplies, and How to Break It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russia and Turkey are squeezing Armenia. Russia dominates Armenia's energy production. Russia has restricted Armenia's ability to profit from Iranian natural gas, and to produce green energy through wind and solar power. Russia is also trying to control Iran's exports of natural gas, oil and its nuclear energy program. Russia wants to retake the oil of Baku, and flood Armenia with Iranians and Chinese.

Turkey has hurt Armenia's ability to profit from oil and has helped the jews to destabilize the Muslim nations. All of this empowers Russia and weakens NATO and Europe. Turkey is key to securing European energy supplies in the event of a Third World War. The oil rich Kurdish regions of Iraq, the oil of Baku, and the oil and natural gas of Iran can easily make up the supply Europe needs should Russia cease supplying energy to Europe.

The Europeans were fools subverted by communist politicians to ever depend upon Russian energy supplies. They were also subverted to attack and destabilize Muslim nations which supply them with energy.

Putin's theft of Crimea should have been countered immediately by the closing of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles to all Russian traffic. Hostilities towards Iran should have been reversed, and Turkey should have cooperated with Armenia to profit from oil and natural gas lines from Baku and Iran to supply Europe and weaken Russia's stranglehold on European energy supplies. Russia should never be allowed to bully and dominate Armenia and Iran, and their nuclear energy programs, and the USA should be assisting Armenia to develop its green energy potential, not through IMF or World Bank subversion, but through a sound process of job creation and currency policy engineered to eliminate debt, rather than increase it, and to bring in diaspora Armenians into Armenia to reverse the population loss the nation is suffering, a loss Russia plans to use to justify the importation of Iranians and Chinese into the nation.

The contrived ISIS campaign cuts at the throat of European energy supply lines and agitates all the players who could rescue Europe from Russia and China against each other, setting up a future Russian monopoly on energy supplies to Europe. It is in America's and Europe's vital interests to work towards stability in the region of Iraq and Iran and to form a block of friendly and mutually cooperative nations in Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria and Georgia; all working together to cut off Russia from monopolizing the European energy market and blackmailing not only these nations but Europe, as well. Iran could do better for Europe what Russia has done, and the jews are doing their best to ensure that not happen. The jews not only make Europe dependent on Russian communists, they also make the Iranians, Armenians, etc. dependent on Russian communists, all to the detriment of these nations and Europe and America.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia provide the other jaw of the vise squeezing the life out of these nations and creating the necessary conditions for WW III. Obama is the communist in the Mulatto House hamstringing our nation and Europe, while gutting the world of Islam. The right man in the White House would have an easy time crushing little puppet Putin and building a proper strategic alliance for America and Europe, which would ultimately include a restored Russia free from jewish domination. So, where is our candidate for 2016?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bolshevik Apologist Ron Paul Sucks Up to Putin and Apologizes for the Crimes of Communism Yet Again

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

More irrefutable proof that libertarianism is false opposition to communism comes from communist traitor Ron Paul:

Ron Paul Defends Russia After Malaysian Plane Crash

Paul is ignobly carrying the communist apologetics of the jewish libertarian guru Murray Rothbard.

Yet more alarming than Ron Paul's communist subversion of American politics is the fact that his vile son bolshevik Rand Paul is now the GOP front runner for the US Presidential election in 2016. What is worse, is that not a single viable pro-American candidate has entered the race. Shame on us all, we will all suffer for this egregious and potentially fatal error.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Are the Jew Puppets Putin and Obama Pitting Russia Against NATO? You Do the Math!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A united White Race could easily rule the World and free it from the jews. Here are the figures which show that the White Race controls nearly all nuclear weapons:

Nine Nations Have Nukes — Here's How Many Each Country Has

The jews are desperate to force Whites to annihilate one another, because if we allied, we would easily destroy our enemy, the jews. Putin and the jews are aiding the Chinese and Korean communists to overtake Whites. The jews gave our nuclear technology to the communists, Muslims and Hindus.

Not only do Whites still hold the vast majority of nuclear weapons, we also control the vast majority of food production. So why are Putin and Dugin uniting with our enemies and calling for a multipolar World dominated by communists, when they should instead be calling for the White Race to unite? It is because Putin and Dugin are communist jew puppets hell-bent on exterminating the White Race, just like Obama.

I Predicted the Brothers Wars Were Coming Back in 2006, and Here They Are

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On internet radio and on my blog beginning in 2006, I began screaming to the World that the jews would foment brothers wars and revolutions worldwide, including WW III between NATO and Russia, and a worldwide war between Sunni and Shia modeled on the Iraq Iran War. For example, my blog article of 19 August 2006:

Sefer Zerubbabel, August 19, 2006

in which I wrote:

Racist Jewish leaders are planning revolutions and civil wars world wide. What they have done to destroy Iraq, they will do in America. The Hebrew Bible instructs Jews to pit brother against brother, as in the American Civil War, and in Iraq, and in the strife racist Jews are trying to foment between Sunni and Shia Moslems, and Pakistanis and Indians, etc.

The Jewish book of Haggai 2:22 states:

"And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother."

Jewish leaders have installed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to play act as the "Persian King" of Jewish apocalyptic mythology (Ezekiel 38; 39). Sefer Zerubbabel instructs the Jews to war with Persia and then with the world. It teaches Jews to destroy Islam and its Mosques and to rebuild the Jewish temple. The Book of Zerubbabel also demands that the Jews steal the land of Greater Israel from its inhabitants:

Ancient Jewish mythology claimed the land extending north to the Litani River in Lebanon. The supposed Israelite Tribes of Asher and Naphtali, which never existed, allegedly inhabited this region of southern Lebanon. Jewish designs on this land are ancient, and were then, as now, based on deliberate lies and false pretenses. However, racist Jews want yet more land than that which was allegedly occupied by the ancient tribes of Israel, which tribes never existed, and, of course, have never been ingathered in violation of Jewish prophecy:

Christian Zionists who sponsor Israeli aggression and genocide are violating the tenets of the Christian faith. Acts 1:6-7 states:

"6 When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? 7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power."

Matthew 5:9 states:

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

Matthew 10:16-18 states:

"16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. 17 But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; 18 And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles."

In hundreds of articles which followed the above warning, I explained how the jews would create what came to be called the "Arab Spring" and foment a war between America and Russia, in part by convincing Americans that Russia is the Gog and Magog of jewish myth, and Russians that America and Roman Catholicism are the Gog and Magog of jewish myth. From 2006 onward, I also published countless articles and spoke on numerous radio and television shows explaining how the jews would foment a war between Sunni and Shia Muslims. My predictions are all coming to pass with revolutions and civil wars across the globe pitting brother against brother, America and Russia heading towards war which promises to annihilate the White Race, and ISIS sparking a war between Sunni and Shia.

Who hopes to profit from all of this? Only the jews. Who is creating all of this? The jews, their shabbos Goyim and their dupes, most of whom falsely believe they are the intellectual elite.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Alexander Dugin Is Another Richard Coundenhove-Kalergi, and Putin's Eurasian Union Is the Fulfillment of Kalergi's Genocidal European Union

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is alarming to see some of the same people who (rightly) condemn Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, (wrongly) praise KGB Putin. It appears that the motive of these closet communists is to destroy the EU, and more significantly, NATO, in order to empower the communists to overrun Europe and displace Europeans with Muslims and Chinese. They do so in the name of preserving Europe and combatting the EU, by seeking to replace the EU with the communists' Eurasian Union.

The father of the EU was a puppet of the jewish bankers Rothschild, Warburg and Baruch, named Richard Couvenhove-Kalergi. Kalergi admitted in his autobiography that he was funded by these jews. Dieter Schwarz exposed jewish Freemasonry in 1938 and revealed that Kalergi's plot to genocide Europeans and destroy the races and make jews the rulers over all the World was openly endorsed by Kalergi's fellow masons. See: Die Freimaurerei. Weltanschauung, Organisation und Politik, Zentral Verlag der NSDAP, Berlin, (1938), pp. 38-40.

Now that the EU has done its work demoralizing Europe, and the reactionary forces are mounting, to use the communists' term for nationalists, the communists are cleverly controlling the opposition by making a hero out of Kalergi's successor, Alexander Dugin, and out of KGB Putin, the muscle meant to invade Europe and supplant the remainder of Europeans with Asians and Africans. Some of the very same voices who decry Kalergi, promote Putin, who agrees with everything Kalergi sought and seeks to fulfill the worst of Kalergi's vision of a destroyed White Race and infusion of Asia into Europe. Their goal is clearly not to restore European Nationalism, but rather to defeat the NATO alliance against communist expansionism in the name of dismantling the EU.

These same voices promote anti-Americanism, not antisemitism, so as to drive a wedge between European Americans and Europeans, further empowering the communists (jews) for a takeover of Europe and the destruction of the White Race. At the same time, the jews are weakening America with counterproductive wars, and have subverted NATO and EU governance with known KGB agents.

Like Kalergi, Dugin and Putin plan to replace Europeans with race mixed Negroid Eurasians. Tellingly, the same voices bashing Kalergi while promoting Putin, who is even worse than Kalergi, are outspoken radical "Socialists", read closet communists.

For more on Kalergi, see my article:

Ron Paul's Ties to Jewish Supremacism and World Government, December 31, 2007

An Open Letter to an Armenian Friend Regarding KGB Putin's Reconstruction of the Soviet Union and Its Intended Consequences

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following is a letter I wrote to an Armenian friend, warning of the dangers of Putin's globalism and multiculturalism. We should be working toward better relations with Russia based on nationalism, not globalism:

Regarding our last conversation, please have a look at the quote below from the Wikipedia page for Alexander Dugin, the Russian political philosopher guiding Putin's attempts to reconstitute and expand the Soviet Union, including Armenia:

"The Eurasia Party, later Eurasia Movement, was officially recognized by the Ministry of Justice on May 31, 2001.[5] The Eurasia Party claims support by some military circles and by leaders of the Orthodox Christian faith in Russia, and the party hopes to play a key role in attempts to resolve the Chechen problem, with the objective of setting the stage for Dugin's dream of a Russian strategic alliance with European and Middle Eastern states, primarily Iran. Dugin's ideas, particularly those on 'a Turkic-Slavic alliance in the Eurasian sphere' have recently become popular among certain nationalistic circles in Turkey, most notably among alleged members of the Ergenekon network, which is the subject of a high-profile trial (on charges of conspiracy). Dugin also advocates for a Russo-Arab alliance."

Notice that Dugin and Putin are supporting the crypto-jews of Turkey, the Ergenekon, whom George and I talked about back in 2006. I suspect that their ultimate goal is to unite Turkey and Russia with Israel and destroy NATO, thereby spreading Communism across Asia and Europe and replacing all the indigenous Christian-European cultured peoples, including Slavs and Armenians, with Chinese and Africans. Israel is likely going to join the Eurasian Economic Union, though they will never allow a foreign invasion like the Jews are planning for Armenia.

The plan to replace Europeans with Asians and Africans and make the Jews the rulers of all nations was stated by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the father of the European Union:

"The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. [***] Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe's feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation."

The Eurasian Union will do the same thing to Armenia that the European Union has done to England, replace the native Armenians with Muslims, and other foreigners, and promote race mixing, just as the native English have been pushed out of London and the British media and politicians are promoting race mixing. I urge Armenians to consider the fact that under a system of open borders, Armenia must inevitably suffer genocide by way of multiculturalism. If Armenia prospers economically, foreigners will flock to the nation, lowering wages and supplanting the indigenous population. If Armenia fails economically, then the best, most courageous and industrious Armenians will leave Armenia in search of greener pastures, and the worst of other nations will attempt to improve their status by moving to Armenia, spreading disease, drugs and prostitution.

Armenia is by no means unique in this. Multiculturalism and open borders create a viscous cycle of immigration and emigration that has destroyed nation after nation throughout the course of history, which is one of the reasons why the Jews promote it.

Talk to you soon,


Saturday, May 03, 2014

The KGB and Stasi Connections to Putin's Blackmailing of Europe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Traitorous KGB asset Gerhard Schroeder helped KGB Putin make Germany dependant on Russian natural gas. Schroeder was also a Russian apologist as the Russians committed illegal aggression against their neighbors. Schroeder sold out Germany to Putin and then left his post to become a wealthy tool of Gazprom as part of his reward for betraying Germany and Europe to the Soviets and their plan to blackmail Europe with natural gas. See, for example:

Gerhard Schroeder's Sellout

Schroeder was assisted in this endeavor by KGB Putin and the Stasi crew of Matthias Warnig and Felix Strehober, as well as Hans-Uve Kreher who worked with the Stasi. Schroeder has recently caused an international scandal by celebrating his 70th birthday with KGB Putin in Russia, as Russia threatens NATO and Europe. Putin apologist and sponsor of Putin's blackmail plans Gerhard Schroeder's immediate successor when Schroeder left office to take his fortune for betraying his office, his nation and the West, was communist subversive Angela Merkel, KGB Putin's old friend from his time as a KGB agent in East Germany recruiting West Germans to work for the KGB. One KGB asset was swapped for another KGB asset as Chancellor of Germany.

Today, Stasi Merkel is holding back NATO from responding to KGB Putin's attack on Europe, and using KGB asset Schroeder's gas pipeline as a pretext for refusing to defend the West from KGB Putin's Soviet aggression. This communist plan to reinvigorate the Soviet Union was a long time in the making and the same players are center stage at Putin's banquet for the death of Europe and the White Race.

Add to this horror show the fact that Norway has had KGB agents for Prime Ministers, one of whom will soon head NATO, Jens Stoltenberg. Obama is also working to empower the communists and gut NATO and the American military. Will no one help to run a US Presidential candidate who will expose and combat the communist subversion of Western Governments and of NATO?

What will you do when Obama and Hagel completely sabotage our nuclear weapons defenses and the communists launch a nuclear strike on Europe and America, wish you had done something earlier? How much longer will it be before it is too late?

The Pernicious Jewish Myth of "White Privilege" Versus the Reality of Genocidally Destructive Jewish Domination

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish religious books of Deuteronomy, Psalms and Isaiah, among many others, instruct the jews to dominate and destroy every other nation on Earth. The jews have been forcibly expelled from numerous nations for engaging in their ancient mandate to dominate and destroy every Goy nation (a redundancy).

This is a provable and well established fact. There ought to be a website devoted to exposing both the jewish texts, including communist texts, which call for the ruin of all Gentile nations and for jewish domination over the Goyim. The same website should provide the past compilations of proof that the jews have come to dominate many nations by corrupt practices set forth in their foundational religious literature, including genocidal warfare and usury.

One such text is Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany 1919-1932, which is available for free here as a pdf download:

and which can be purchased in soft cover here:

"White Privilege" is nothing but a racist campaign to genocide Whites, a jewish campaign originally set forth in the jews' "Old Testament" which calls for the genocide of the Goyim and jewish World domination.

NATO Has Still Done Nothing to Make the Bolshevik Russian Occupation of the Ukraine as Painful as Possible for the Soviets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin is spreading the Red Terror across Ukraine. He has already invaded the Crimea and currently occupies that sovereign Ukrainian territory. Putin has his fifth column of Russian bolshevik commandoes destabilizing the rest of the Ukraine. The rotten reds triumphantly celebrated May Day. And NATO does nothing to protect Europe and America from the communist aggression!

The Ukraine is the first line of defense against KGB Putin's communist expansionist aggression. The more we can hurt the bolsheviks in the Ukraine, the better off we will be when Putin expands the fight deeper into White European territory.

Preventing the communists from taking the Ukraine is key to cutting off their food supply in the coming third world war, as well as their shipping lanes and lines of attack into Europe and Turkey. We must preserve Europe's access to Middle Eastern energy and maintain control of the World food supply. These are crucial elements of our vital strategic interests.

NATO is obliged to arm and train the Ukrainians to hurt the Russians as badly as possible for decades after the Russians invade to steal more Ukrainian territory. NATO is also obliged to send in thousands of specially trained forces to destroy Russia's abilities to occupy the Ukraine as use it as base to attack NATO countries. NATO forces are fully capable of destroying Russian armor and aircraft, as well as sabotaging their supply lines and destroying their communications bases, as well as generally making life hell for Russian forces until the communists are driven back out of Europe.

The Ukrainians desperately need food, weapons and training. There should be evacuation plans for Ukrainian forces to be trained in Poland and elsewhere to continually filter back into the Ukraine to hurt the occupying Russians, and to force them to devote precious resources to guard their borders. Every effort should be made to make the Russians' aggression as costly and hurtful as possible so that it will be easier to drive them back and fight them until the battle is won, and yet NATO is doing absolutely nothing.

At the same time, the jew government of the Ukraine and the IMF are engineering a Russian bailout to pay the Russian for attacking Ukraine and finance further Russian aggression against the Ukraine and NATO! The jews are loaning money to Ukrainians on the stipulation that it be given to the Russians to reward them for stealing Crimea and attacking the rest of the Ukraine. The jews are financing the Russian attack on Europe by making debt slaves of the Europeans to fund their aggressive communist enemies! The jews are causing the Europeans to pay for the Russian attacks against them and fuel future aggression!

And I am lone voice speaking out against this fatal attack on the White Race.

Note that absolutely nothing has been done to damage the Russian forces occupying the Crimea. Instead, the Russian fifth column in the rest of the Ukraine is destabilizing the nation. NATO is responsible for this failure to respond to communist aggression. NATO is NOT defending the West from the communists, but rather is facilitating the communists' attack on the White Race.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

IMF Loans to the Ukraine Should Be Conditioned to Deny Any Funds to Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The IMF should not fund the Russian invasion of the Ukraine by loaning the jew based Ukrainian government funds to give to Russia to pay for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. As before, both sides are jewing the Ukraine by making the Ukrainians debt slaves to pay for their loss of sovereignty to the fascist fighting bolshevik jews who set them up from the beginning.

Why is the jew government of the Ukraine setting up to fight Russia, but not using force to quell the Russian fifth column in Eastern Ukraine? It is because Western Ukraine is run by Putin's allies, the bolshevik jews. They want the IMF to loan the Ukrainian People money to be given immediately to the Russians to finance the Russian invasion and destruction of the Ukraine. And I am the only one talking about it.

Any funds loaned or given to the Ukraine should be used to defend Ukraine and provide it with energy independence from aggressive Russia. Russia should be paying reparations to Ukraine for violating its sovereignty and waging aggressive war on the nation.

NATO has deliberately bought Russia time to set up for an invasion not only of the Ukraine, but also the Baltics, Poland, Belarus, etc. Europe has been betrayed by bolsheviks running the USA and Europe into the grave. Still, no one will stand to contest the subversion.

It is a certain recipe for the extinction of the White Race.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

KGB Putin Delighted that NATO Will Be Led by KGB Agent Jens Stoltenberg, KGB Codename "Steklov": The Deadly Peril to the White Race of Norwegian Communists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am the only person warning of the danger that KGB Jens Stoltenberg poses to the White Race. Though scores scream about the horrors of Freemasonry and the "Illuminati", few mention the dangers of our current crop of bolsheviks in power throughout the West.

Norwegian communists are destroying Norway and importing immigrants who are destroying the White Race. Two of these communist subversives who have served in the highest positions of government are known KGB agents Jens Stoltenberg (codename "Steklov") and Thorbjorn Jagland (codename "Jurij"). As I pointed out on 28 March 2014, KGB Stoltenberg has been appointed to become the head of NATO in October:

NATO to be Headed by a Communist. How Opportune. . . for KGB Putin and the Rise of the Neo-Soviet Union! March 28, 2014

Dr. Steven Parris Ward wrote of Stoltenberg in 2012:

"Norway's current prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, was also a former national president of the Worker's Youth League, and has also been identified as a former KGB asset (codenamed 'Steklov.')."

The disclosure of Stoltenberg's KGB past is documented here:

Kodenavn «Steklov»: KGB-avhopperen Mikhail Butkov hevder at statsminister Jens Stoltenberg var den hemmelige kontakten KGB hadde i forsvarskommisjonen i 1990.

KGB Putin is thrilled that NATO has selected KGB agent Steklov to become the chief of the military alliance:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed NATO's selection of former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg as its new head, saying on Saturday the pair had "very good relations" but that it was up to the West to improve ties. [***] 'We have very good relations, including personal relations. This is a very serious, responsible person,' Putin said, according to a pre-transmission transcript provided to news organizations. 'But let's see how he will develop relations in his new capacity,' he said in the interview, for the Russian news show Vesti on Saturday with Sergei Brilyov."--Reporting by Conor Humphries; Editing by Anthony Barker, Reuters, "Putin welcomes new NATO head, says better ties with West possible"

Communist Obama will likely open up American skies to a new generation of communist spy planes:

Russian Spy Planes in U.S. Skies

KGB Putin and the communists Obama and Merkel are playing a game of pretending to arrive at an international agreement to stabilize the Ukraine just as they did shortly before KGB Putin's phoney coup d'etat. KGB Putin will break this agreement, and point out that the former agreement was also broken, though he will fail to mention that it, too, was broken by him.

As always, the communists will blame the West for their communist crimes. As always, the libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionist communists will join Putin in pretending that the West is responsible for Putin's crimes. I am a lonely voice pointing out these obvious facts.

We need a political party and a viable candidate for the 2016 US Presidential election. I am also alone in addressing this need.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

War Criminal Putin Is Using Human Shields in the Ukraine

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin has sent commandos to the Eastern Ukraine to take over public buildings and wage war on Ukrainian police and military forces, as well as intimidate Ukrainians in general. KGB Putin has ordered these invading troops to surround themselves with civilians, especially woman and children.

Such are the illegal and cowardly tactics employed by the gay hero Vlad Putin and his Russian elite forces. Such is the low regard Putin has for the lives of the ethnic Russians he pretends to protect. Such is the lowlife nature of the mind of criminal KGB Putin.

As I said back on 1 March 2014, "KGB Putin Is a Criminal, Indict Him!"